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In this 12 week masterclass we will explore the psychology and physiology that informs who and how we are as goal setters and go-getters. 

When we lack understanding of the goal-setting ecosystem we risk setting goals poorly and not being properly supported to accomplish them.

It's time to learn how to set smart-hearted goals and gain the confidence that you can navigate all the way through the process successfully! 

Aim high, dive deep.

Guiding Light Goals™ will teach you how to set goals with substance and soul - and achieve them.





Gain clarity on how your psychology and physiology influence your success.

There is a fascinating world beneath the traditional surface-level domain of goals -- it's the world of YOU. You are the seeker and the source and a goal is nothing without you. So, in this introductory section we'll explore the secret inner workings of ourselves to reveal the hidden drivers of everything we think, feel, and do.



Establish your goals. Determine the destination and create the path.

There is a certain level of skill and self-awareness required to set goals which are informed, aligned, and adaptable to your continuous growth. There is also a structure and system which thoughtfully guides you in establishing such goals. Here you'll learn the essential framework for creating a plan that empowers your goals to be more than a mere wishes.



Achieve your goals by taking action with informed intention. 

Sometimes achieving your goals looks like powering through with the utmost determination, but other times it looks like stepping away from your official plan, letting go of expectations, and seeing what happens. Here we bring everything together and have an honest look at what it really takes to sustain the process of goal-fulfillment over the long haul.


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