How To Find The Right Mastermind Group For You


So, you've decided to join a mastermind and you're on the hunt for the group that's right for you. Well you came to the right place and I imagine you want to get to it, so let's do that.


Now I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't start at the beginning and double check that you're prepared to join an alliance by verifying that you know the following things: 

  1. You know what a mastermind really is. The reality is that there is a lot of confusion and misinformation around masterminds. I'm not trying to point fingers here, I understand how things have gotten mixed up, but it's so worth protecting the integrity of this concept so that more and more people can get the full-flavored experience (vs. the watered-down version). And if you didn't already know we created to help introduce the real deal about masterminds, as well as The Magic of Masterminds™ for a deeper dive. 
  2. You know what it is that you want to accomplish and receive by being in a mastermind group. I don't doubt that you have at least a general idea of how this kind of partnership would benefit you, but the more clarity you have on the specifics, the easier it will be for you to find a group that truly fits your needs.  
  3. You know what you're willing to give in exchange for the support of such a group. A mastermind is about being a tremendous giver, not just a taker, so you'll want to know what you're willing and able to offer before you head out on the hunt. This includes things like your time, energy, attitude, knowledge, experience, etc. What is going to make you an asset to an existing alliance?


Before you start evaluating the mastermind options available to you, it is helpful to have an idea about the type of group structure that fits your situation and preferences: 

  1. Are you looking for something that meets weekly, monthly, or only a few times a year?
  2. Do you want to meet in person or would you rather meet virtually via the internet or phone?
  3. Do you want or need there to be a group coaching aspect, or do you prefer having everyone be on equal terms as far as leadership and contribution?
  4. Would it work better for you if things were kept strictly business, or if there were opportunities to intentionally bond on a more personal level and engage socially?
  5. Are you looking for a free group, or can you invest some money to get what you need? If so, how much are you willing to spend?
  6. Would it be the most helpful to have a group where all the members are in your same industry (though not direct competitors to you)?
  7. How long are you willing and able to commit? 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, as long as possible?

Where are all the masterminds hiding? And how to tease them from their rabbit holes. 

Mastermind groups don't mean to be shy or hard to find. They're definitely out there and they want to be your friend. Use these tips and you'll uncover them from their unintended camouflage. 

  1. I'm sure you know about this one but just in case you don't we'll make it number one on the list. Meetup is the easiest place to find a potential mastermind because there is a concentration of individuals who have expressed direct interest in being a part of this kind of group. Check out this page for their mastermind-specific meetups. 
  2. Search Social Media. All major social media platforms have both a TON of users, and various ways to find people you may want to connect with. So hop on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, etc. and see if you can track down some like-minded folks.
    • Search mastermind, business, keyword, and industry related hashtags. Refer to method #5 on this list to get ideas for search terms.
    • Look for groups, forums, and threads where entrepreneurs hang out. (Do make sure you're following the rules of posting before you announce that you're looking for a mastermind.) 
  3. Put the Call Out. Announce that you're searching for your mastermind bff's everywhere you can. Be diligent, but also patient as it can take a while to make the right connection.
    • Tell all your biz friends.
    • Write a post on your blog.  
    • Post notices on your own social media channels. 
    • Reach out to anyone you follow that is also the kind of person you would like to be in a group with. Engage them in the conversation on social media and see where that goes (Hey ____, are you in a mastermind group? You're my kind of people and I'm looking to join one. Thought I'd ask! - something like that). If they have a blog post that's in the realm of masterminds, that can be another good place to strike up the conversation. If you don't think they're too busy, send an email (but keep it short and sweet). 
  4. Professional Organizations + Communities. Investigate local and non-local organizations, associations, and networks that help small business owners. Reach out to them via phone, email, social media, or events they have coming up to let them know you're looking to join a mastermind group.

    These groups can be a hotbed of high-quality members where you're likely to find that many people are already in a mastermind, or the association offers a type of membership which would get you close to people you may want to form into an alliance with down the road. What to search for online:
    • Your local Chamber of Commerce.
    • Incubator or accelerator programs in your industry. 
    • Professional associations that cater to small business, start ups, entrepreneurs, your industry, men/women, etc. You can find such groups local to your city (ex: Women's Business Exchange in Seattle) or state (ex: Texas Young Professionals), as well as nationally (ex:, and globally (ex: Entrepreneurs' Organization).
    • Networking groups in your area and industry.
    • Paid program communities (like 
    • Co-working facilities in your area (like
  5. Ask Google. And of course you can do a pretty straight-forward internet search on Papa Google (or Uncles Bing and Firefox, which ever). This method may turn up groups that are closed to enrollment, no longer happening, or just not exactly what you're looking for. Still they can be valuable in narrowing your search and pointing you in the right direction and providing you with people to reach out to.

    Keep in mind that many masterminds and mastermind-type groups go by a name other than mastermind, so it can take some digging for them to surface. Even when you are using that term, try to be creative - these search tips should get you started:
    • [city you are in] mastermind group, ex: Chicago mastermind group
    • [industry you are in] mastermind group, ex: real estate mastermind group
    • [targeted keyword] mastermind group, ex: millennial mastermind group -or- soulful mastermind group
    • [free/cost/price/investment] mastermind group, literally search for "free mastermind group" -or- "mastermind group cost" -or- "mastermind group price" - though you'll want to use this in conjunction with a location or industry to get the best results.
    • [retreat] mastermind group, literally searching "retreat mastermind group" will result in groups who have that as a feature.
    • [year of interest] mastermind group, searching for years past may lead you to someone who can help you narrow your search.  


Establishing Your Own Mastermind

It is of course possible that your ideal mastermind is the one that you start yourself. If this sounds like something you might want to take on, we will be publishing a Founders Edition of The Magic of Masterminds™ in 2017. But you can buy this base course now and get your purchase applied to the cost of the Founders Edition when it comes out - WIN!

A Unique Option When You Can't Wait

When you're not looking to join just any 'ol group because it exists and refers to itself as a mastermind, it's going to take time to find what will work for you. But, there is something you can to do today that provides a unique option while you go through the process of finding your perfect match. Read about it here --> The Mastermind You Can Start Today!