How A Mastermind Group Provides The Ultimate Leverage To Level Up In The Game Of Life.


Let's talk about what it is that you want, and how you're going to get it.

But before we can get to the fun part, we need to take a few (hundred-million) steps back and see what we're working with here. 

One of those things is Life, in all her variety and mystery. Then there's us, humans, all wide-eyed and dreamy. Now we have a "special talent" for desiring things on Life's cosmic buffet, whether driven by instinct or conscious will. Wanting just comes easy for us. And while Life has certainly placed possibility and opportunity all around, she doesn't do it for us, she does it for her own sheer love of (err, obsession with) creating. She stays plenty busy keeping that buffet stocked and leaves it up to us to figure out how to get what we want or need off the menu. 

Therein lies our struggle, and the Game of Life.

Everything we need and want is here, but we must journey to discover it. We must uncover not only how to get it, but what is actually worth having. And because this is such a mighty and difficult task, it doesn't take long for most of us to begin asking: "What can I do to make this easier for myself?!".

There are many possible responses to this of course, but today I want to focus on one in particular, and that is leverage - specifically the kind of ultimate leverage that comes from being in a powerful mastermind group.



We all know about leverage in terms of mechanical advantage as it is the power enabling a hammer to make it easy for you to pull out a nail, a moving dolly helping you transport a heavy load, or a bicycle getting you where you want to go. When a strong piece of wood helps you move a boulder with little effort it is serving as the lever, which when properly applied, makes the magic happen. 

In these simple machines forces are redistributed in such a way that a relatively weak force can be amplified into a great force with superior effectiveness on the other end of the system. In other words, while leverage doesn't eliminate the need for work altogether, it means you don't have to work as hard to get the results you're after. 


Now considering that life is short and there are so many things we want to experience before our time is up, it's pretty natural for us to desire having supernatural powers or specialized knowledge and skills which would be both immensely helpful and loads of fun. I mean who doesn't want to fluently speak nine languages, be a parkour master, or own a pen that's equipped with an HD camera, super-charged accelerated healing serum, and 3D prints actual health food(!!)? Exactly, these are things we clearly all want in our lives. But alas, most of us aren't walking around with active secret agent ninja abilities.

And I know I digress a little, but stay with me here.

Instead, in any given situation we're usually subject to the standard response. But don't queue the sad trombone soundbite just yet. This isn't an insult, really. The standard response is just a name for the fact that we each operate as a single set of knowledge, skills, experiences, and resources. We live our life from this one perspective and develop a default way of interacting with the world. It's our normal.

But as awesome as your normal may be, it may also not be getting you what you truly desire. So what can you do? Read on, your training continues.

leverage is the power to influence results THROUGH POSITIONING. It is anything you INTENTIONALLY do to give yourself an advantage.  


The kind of leverage that you and I are interested in is called strategic advantage. And you're actually already quite familiar with how it works. It's a natural response to encountering some limitation to a thing you're trying to obtain or achieve. And the more you want or need something, the more quickly you find yourself strategizing and leveraging what you can to get it.

Things happen all the time which may either work to your advantage or against it. Understanding and utilizing the concept of leverage allows you to intentionally intervene and create an opportunity for yourself so that you may reach or get much closer to the thing you want. 

We all leveled up when computers and high-speed internet became widely available and affordable, but neither you nor I personally organized this event. On the other hand, there are many things you have consciously done and decided throughout your life which were to specifically gain you the inside track (ethically, of course).

Though you probably didn't think much of it at the time, you were practicing something incredibly powerful. And now that it's being brought to light, it's time to bring this on home.


I know you've heard "work smarter, not harder" a thousand times before, but as cliché as it's become, it is solid wise advice. (Side note: If you can manage to not run yourself into an early grave working smarter and harder is sure to result in  supercharged success; one isn't a clear winning strategy over the other.)

And now I'm going to say something that will probably sound a bit awful, but I promise not to lead you astray. 

If you investigate what highly successful people do to get where they are you are sure to find at the top of that list is leveraging other people's time, work, money, experiences, ideas, resources, and even their personalities. This is an advanced secret agent ninja move and the #1 way to work smarter.

And yes there are plenty of people who use this tactic in an unscrupulous manner, but operating like that comes with a bunch of karmic junk that adds a high risk of losing what was gained through the unethical exploitation of others, and worse. Obviously you and I are out for the soul-level feel goods in life, and that ain't where it's at


I had to go there with that sub-title, just had to. But, let's get back on track here.

You can certainly leverage your own knowledge, skills, experiences, and resources (and you should), but to maximize the results of your efforts you need to tap into the storehouse of other people's knowledge, skills, experiences, and resources.

The best way to do this? You guessed it, a mastermind alliance!

The reason is simple. We are social creatures and for us humans, relationships are everything. Our world revolves around the relationships we have with each other, and without them we wouldn't survive much less thrive.

A mastermind establishes an environment for engaging in mutually beneficial relationships where the whole point is to help each other get as much from Life's cosmic buffet as we can stomach. With such a strong team of advocates and allies we are provided with the ultimate leverage. When we give whole-heartedly to each other, we receive exponentially more. 

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