Goals, Meet Mastermind.

There's no such thing as a day where salted-caramel flavored things aren't making the world a better and tastier place, and there's no such thing as an entrepreneur without goals. And as lucky as we are to be in a time where the opportunity to create a dream business and dream lifestyle is unprecedented, it still requires vision, goals, and taking consistent action to make it happen.

In January we all come together and agree that indeed setting goals is important, though time and time again we struggle with the process and staying committed. So many of us were not ever even taught how to set a goal properly, much less what it takes to achieve it.

And yet there are many things in our lives we have achieved without intentionally sitting down and mapping everything out. So what gives? 

01// Sometimes what it takes was just easy for you.

Anywhere you naturally have self-discipline or an ability that benefits the goal you want, things will be easier and you likely won't require the additional planning or effort. It's in the areas where we really don't want to leave things up to chance, or where we lack the key abilities and self-discipline to achieve a specific goal that we need to slow down and create a trustworthy plan and process.

02// Sometimes half the work had been done for you.

Think back to being in school or in a traditional workplace and you'll see how in these situations the environment was already fertile and well-tilled for goal achievement. That is to say that there was an existing structure in place that kept you moving in the right direction and held you accountable to a specific outcome.

You had to do less thinking and less work from the start. You may not have been passionate about every goal, or liked the schedule and everything you needed to do in order to meet expected objectives, but you got it done because you had to if you wanted to stay in school or keep your job.

Without either of those things in our favor, achieving our goals under the following conditions can be really tough:

01// When a goal is necessary, but boring.

Rarely does achieving a goal only involve fun stuff. The goals you're passionate about will most surely require you to tackle other goals that you aren't particularly excited about working on. And if you're not naturally motivated to do the necessary work, you have to get motivated in some other way, which in itself takes more willpower. Ugh, I'm already underwhelmed, how about you?

02// When a goal means a lot to you, and being fully responsible for it is terrifying.

Some of our goals are so exciting and meaningful and BIG that the idea of being fully responsible for making it happen, against our lack of skills, self-discipline, structure, and support - is absolutely terrifying. Self doubt seeds itself in our subconscious and as much as we may feel the passion for achieving our goal and living our dream, we fear that it's just too hard.

Other times what we're actually scared of isn't how difficult it will be to achieve, but how different our life will be when we do - we fear our success! In either case, the fear of not having anyone to blame or be responsible for our failure or success can dramatically hinder our progress.

So what can we do when achieving our goals isn't a cake-walk and it's on us to establish the environment and systems that will make it easier?

01// Educate yourself on goal-setting and achieving. 

Like I mentioned earlier, most of us weren't taught this essential skill, so now we have to take the initiative. Luckily for us all, this information is readily accessible. If you're willing to hit the internet pretty hard and spend years of trial and error figuring it out like I did, you can learn this for practically free - emotional costs excluded ;).

Alternatively, you can invest a little in a course like our upcoming Guiding Light Goals and save yourself a lot of time and energy on the front end. However you choose to do it, the important thing is that you do.

02// Get into a high-functioning mastermind group.

A mastermind group is all about getting things done and it recognizes that people don't achieve great things alone. For an entrepreneur it is an indispensable tool, and dare I say one that should be non-negotiable. A quality mastermind provides both the necessary structure and invaluable support from others on a similar journey, with the focus being on achieving specific outcomes.

The combination of mutually-beneficial partnerships, intentional friendship, and thoughtful meeting procedures results in you having the accountability that is essential to being a goal-crusher. So you experience the gentle, guiding pressure to do what needs to be done so that you stay in good standing with your group and achieve mutual greatness.

"What I find amazing about my current mastermind group is that I feel like I'm with a group of women that truly care about my business and want me to succeed."

- Elissa Bertot

I recently had the pleasure to interview the delightful Elissa Bertot of Favor the Bold Communications. She has some great masterminding stories and was so generous in sharing her experiences. Below is part of our interview that I love so much because of how smart the structure of her group is and how it centers around each member being held accountable to their quarterly goals. 

As an adult in charge of your own life or an entrepreneur in charge of your own business, you have a lot of opportunity to create the environment that will lead to your success, but it's also a responsibility. Things like being able to wake up whenever you want sounds pretty great if you hate waking up at the crack of dawn on behalf of someone else's schedule. But it's not so great if you lack the self-discipline to manage your time well and as a result just don't get the things done that are important. 

Therefore, once you've gotten clear on your goals, it is your duty to establish the necessary structures and support systems that will guide and push you when and where you need it.

So introduce your goals to your new mastermind group. And if you don't have one yet, make that your new main goal.