We believe that every high-quality mastermind starts with high-quality members, and it is therefore our mission to attract, support, develop, and partner such members into successful alliances.



Austin, TX (known as The City of the Violet Crown) is the home base and birthplace of Violet Crown Masterminds. It is where a struggling entrepreneur came into her own through personal development and masterminds. And it is where she felt inspired to create a company which serves others the same opportunity and education.

The 7th chakra is also known as the crown chakra. It is represented by the color violet, corresponds to the crystal amethyst, and represents divine connection. The phrase violet crown may also refer to the atmospheric phenomenon seen at sunrise and sunset, called the Belt of Venus, that results in a rosy pinkish glow above the horizon. 

These correlations, and a few others, have come together to inspire and reveal the ethos of Violet Crown Masterminds. Here it is never "strictly business" because a business is actually people... and people are multi-faceted and need lots of support through the journey of life.


  Bunny White  Founder

B U N N Y   W H I T E

Bunny is a multi-passionate creative who has been studying and practicing masterminds since 2013. Her approach to the subject stays true to the greater world of personal development in which this idea is rooted, and emphasizes positive-impact business practices and conscious leadership.

She works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners who see their work as a way to make the world a little (or a lot) better and brighter.

Favorite hashtag: #communityovercompetition